Travel Jewelry


$25.00 no tax (shipping is extra)

Travel Jewelry is made from unique stands and threads left over from Peg’s “Memory Mitts” project.¬†

100% of all profits from the sale of both Memory Mitts and Travel Jewelry are donated to children’s charities in memory of Peg’s Mother.

Helen Van Sligtenhorst owner of harbour Bay Clothing and Gifts in Sarnia, and long time friend of Peg Kivi, has generously promoted and sold Peg’s “Memory Mitts” and “Travel Jewelry” with 100% of all profits going to charity.

Since 2011 the sale of these items has raised over $14,000.00 in donations for children’s charities.

Below are some ideas of colours and styles available.  There are no two identical and therefore use the chart as a guide only.


knotted style photos

Styles, knotted, fuzzy, stringy, ribbons


IMG_3366aIMG_3362bIMG_3365cIMG_3363dIMG_3364eIMG_3361fIMG_3360gIMG_3359hIMG_3335iIMG_3337jIMG_3338kIMG_3289-001lIMG_3290mIMG_3287nIMG_3288IMG_3286-001oIMG_3285-001pIMG_3284qIMG_3282IMG_3283-001rIMG_3279-001sIMG_3281tIMG_2304uIMG_2312vIMG_2303wIMG_2308xIMG_2309yIMG_3293 copyzIMG_3332aaIMG_3331bbIMG_3325ccIMG_3323ddIMG_3324eeIMG_3322ffIMG_3310ggIMG_3311hhIMG_3314iiIMG_3307jjIMG_3318kkIMG_3316llIMG_3315mmIMG_3306nnIMG_3302ooIMG_3305ppIMG_3303qqIMG_3304rrIMG_3301ssIMG_3300ttIMG_3293uuIMG_3299 copyvvIMG_3299wwIMG_3291xxIMG_3292yy