Peg Kivi’s work has developed over the past forty years from drawing and etching to watercolours and most recently to acrylic painting on canvas. Her watercolours are loose, subtle and atmospheric. Her acrylics are layered, rich and textural. Her style has developed from realism to abstraction. Each viewer is encouraged to allow themselves to be taken into her painting and to derive personal meaning led by the artist through rich layers of colour and texture.

“Painting and drawing have always been the cornerstones of my creative development. Many years as a secondary school art teacher along with my participation in courses given by noteworthy artists and my active involvement in the arts community have encouraged me to experiment in a variety of media. My Paintings are inspired in part by photographs of deep space taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. I like to layer many colours to create a subterranean depth to each work. My goal is to create luscious depths of colour that will hold visual interest and intrigue. Using up to 50 layers of pigment in each work allows the painting to appear quite different in various types of light. My formal education and experiences over the past forty years have resulted in the knowledge and skill level I now enjoy. The creative process provides me with a sense of personal rejuvenation.”